BIOE 183 - Undergraduate research in EEB

To register for this class, you must have an EEB faculty sponsor and complete the research contract with your sponsor. Please do this before the first class meeting on Sept. 30, if possible.

We will meet Mondays 5-6:45 pm. Our first meeting will be in Thimann 101.

Draft Schedule

Date Topic Assignments DUE this week Read before class

Week 1

Sep 30

Your projects -

what are you doing?

1a. Talk w/your advisors to clarify your project

1b. Submit research contract

1c. Question, goal, hypothesis + planned work (email to Kay by 5 pm Oct 5)


Week 2

Oct 7

Philosophy of Science

2. Special assignment due by Nov 22: attend and critique an EEB seminar   Platt 1964: Strong Inference

Week 3

Oct 14

Editing - me and you in class

3. Summary (Abstract) to be peer reviewed (200 words max). Email to Kay by 5 pm Oct 13, and bring to class:

- 3 printed copies of last draft, double-spaced

- one copy of assignment 1, showing corrections

- the outline and first draft of the abstract, showing handwritten corrections

 EEB WG (pp 1-3, 5-10, 17-26)

Week 4

Oct 21

Continue with editing

4a. Edit your peers' summaries. Bring edits to class and be prepared to discuss them. 

4b. Expand summary into Introduction. Email to Kay and peer reviewers by 5 pm Friday Oct 25. 

EEB WG (p. 3, 12) 

Week 5

Oct 28

Methods & Results

Primary literature 

5a. Email edited Intros back to your peers by 5 pm Oct 28. Cc instructor Kay on these emails. Bring a hard copy of your edited outline and edited first draft of your Intro (Assignment 4b) to class.

EEB WG (p. 4, 11, 13-16) 

Week 6

Nov 4

 Stats review

6a. Very brief Methods and Results section (email to Kay by 5 pm Nov 4).

6b. Think about one aspect of your data. Be prepared to discuss this in class Nov 4. 

6c. Annotated bibliography (email to Kay by 5 pm Nov 8).


Week 7

no class meeting


7a. Revised Paper with citations (email to Kay by noon Friday Nov 15: New title, new Abstract, new Intro with citations, new Methods and Results, Bibliography)


Week 8

Nov 18

Life after UCSC     

Week 9

Nov 25

Presenting your research

(Oral presentations and posters) 

9. Final revised paper, including Title, Abstract, Intro with citations, Methods and Results, Bibliography (email to Kristen Ruegg kruegg @ by 5 pm Nov 25)  

Week 10

Dec 2

Oral presentations of your work   10. Oral presentation as powerpoint file, emailed to instructor by 3 pm Dec 2.