Welcome to the Kay Lab!

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

We study adaptation and speciation in flowering plants.

Lab location: 257 Coastal Biology Building, Coastal Science Campus; 831.459.1812


Why are some serpentine-adapted plants tolerators whereas others are endemic? Read Shelley Sianta's new AJB paper on this question here

Shelley is now Dr. Sianta and is off to join the Brandvain and Moeller labs at U Minn as a postdoc!

Pedro Juarez has joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Pedro!

Does adaptation to a novel pollinator automatically cause reproductive isolation? Check out our new paper in Annals of Botany here.

Read the strange story of the rare coyote mints that co-occur on serpentine outcrops in Plumas National Forest, now out in Molecular Ecology, here.

The Kay Lab has moved to the new Coastal Biology Building on the UCSC Coastal Science campus. We can now walk to the ocean in about 5 minutes!