Welcome to the Kay Lab!

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

We study adaptation and speciation in flowering plants.

Lab location: Earth & Marine Sciences, D324; 831.459.1812


Does local adaptation occur at the scale of population, ecotype, or life history race? Read on to find out! (See also the Commentary on this article by von Wettberg et al.)

Have you ever wondered how so many closely-related species manage to live together in the California flora? Read Briscoe Runquist et al. for some new insights.

Our work on the cryptic flower color polymorphism in Mimulus guttatus is now out in AJB. Humans can't see it, but bee pollinators can!

Our paper on mating system plasticity is now out in AmNat here. We show that a plastic shift to mixed mating can facilitate adaptation to a new niche.

Our contribution to the special issue of Annals of Botany on Pollinator-driven speciation is now available here. We are unraveling the mysteries of how plants adapt to novel pollinators across a geographic landscape.