Welcome to the Kay Lab!

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

We study adaptation and speciation in flowering plants.

Lab location: 257 Coastal Biology Building, Coastal Science Campus; 831.459.1812


We are recruiting a postdoc to work on the phylogenetics and evolutionary genetics of speciation in the spiral gingers. Please see the job description here (pdf).

The Kay Lab has moved to the new Coastal Biology Building on the UCSC Coastal Science campus. We can now walk to the ocean in about 5 minutes!

Rossana Maguiña has joined the lab as a PhD student. She recently finished her Master's at UMSL and has been awarded a Faculty for the Future Fellowship from the Schlumberger Foundation. Welcome, Rossana!

We have been awarded an NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity grant to study biotic and abiotic drivers of speciation in the Neotropical spiral gingers starting in 2018. We will be recruiting folks at all levels to work on this project!

Does local adaptation occur at the scale of population, ecotype, or life history race? Read on to find out! (See also the Commentary on this article by von Wettberg et al.)

Have you ever wondered how so many closely-related species manage to live together in the California flora? Read Briscoe Runquist et al. for some new insights.