Welcome to the Kay Lab!

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

We study adaptation and speciation in flowering plants.

Lab location: 257 Coastal Biology Building, Coastal Science Campus; 831.459.1812


Postdoc Oscar Vargas is moving on to a tenure track Assistant Professorship at Cal State Humboldt this fall. Congratulations, Oscar!

Amy Orduño-Baez is joining the lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Amy!

Why are some serpentine-adapted plants tolerators whereas others are endemic? Read Shelley Sianta's new AJB paper on this question here

What happens when plants migrate up-slope? Read Megan Peterson's dissertation work on the Sierra Nevada monkeyflowers here.

Shelley is now Dr. Sianta and is off to join the Brandvain and Moeller labs at U Minn as a postdoc!

Pedro Juarez has joined the lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Pedro!

Does adaptation to a novel pollinator automatically cause reproductive isolation? Check out our new paper in Annals of Botany here.